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51 inch Irish
Oak Shillelagh
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40 Inch Irish
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                                  53 " Oak Root Walking Staff

There is nothing quite like a good piece of native rustic oak

famous for its strength to act as a third leg  

For assisted walking not only as an aid for leg injuries, for Boomers, arthritis, multiple sclerosis.  

But also as a sturdy self-defense friend for seniors out enjoying their daily hikes in the

country or just strolling around the local neighborhood. You will enjoy security and    

compliments walking you won't find in a local health supply or drug store variety cane.

                                                        A  53 inch oak root walking staff (20512 bytes) A  53 inch oak root walking staff on my wild cherry wood floor (43330 bytes)  
                                A 53 inch oak root walking staff on a wild cherry wood board floor 

Dscf0318.jpg oak root staff (47295 bytes)  
You can see a  lot of  nice grain in the wood of this oak root walking stick I just made !

     53 " Oak Root Walking Staff
A shot of the wood grain in the handle

Dscf0323.jpg (18109 bytes)     53 " Oak Root Walking Staff
Look close at the color of the wood grain in this oak root walking staff

Dscf0324.jpg (18240 bytes)
Nice rich Grained  Oak Root Wood Walking Staff

Dscf0325.jpg (17049 bytes)
Nice grain in the swelled spots along the staff too......

This cane has been sold but just finished a new one on 12/21/04
 take a look At this 37 inch Red Oak Root Ugly stick cane

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