Appalachian Wooden Canes

Caneman2 enjoys the unique durability of quality custom made Hand crafted Appalachian wooden canes.
I handcraft canes, walking sticks, strolling sticks and hiking poles, staffs are made from hickory, oak, cedar, walnut and other hardwoods.

There is nothing quite like a good piece of native rustic hickory famous for its strength to act as a third leg for assisted walking. Not only as an aid for leg injuries, for Boomer's, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc. They also serve as a sturdy self-defense friend for seniors out enjoying their hikes in the Southern Alleghenies mountain country or just daily walking around the local neighborhood. You will enjoy security and compliments you won't find in a local health supply or drug store variety cane.

Click here to view my recommendations on things to consider when choosing a walking stick!

I enjoy Genealogy, Walking, Louisiana Cajun, Zydeco and Blues music.

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Handcrafted Canes
Shillelagh oak club
Autumn Olive Blue Eye Root walking Cane
Walnut walking staff 
Pelican Oak Cane
Autumn Olive Blue Eye Root walking Cane
This would look good in your hand !! more photos of this cane.

A page I made up for my fun walking sticks

See the real point!
Check out the point on this hickory stick walking cane.

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