Autumn Olive Walking Cane
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0059.jpg (9537 bytes)Blue eye olive root cane,
This would look good in your hand !!
0060.jpg (6991 bytes)Autumn olive root walking support cane,
This has a great unique grain in the handle
0062.jpg (12558 bytes)A shot of the cane with my wolf blanket
0063.jpg (22614 bytes)Shot of the cane on my hickory rocker

0065.jpg (22984 bytes)

A shot of my hickory rocker
with the Autumn olive root walking cane,
0066.jpg (14974 bytes)Check out the pretty grain in the handle
of this one-of-a -kind Autumn Olive root support walking aid cane
0067.jpg (18417 bytes)A Blue eye, looking at you.

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Autumn Olive information about Elaeagnus umbellata 

Autumn Olive Edible Berry May Fight Cancer
September 13, 2001 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

How to make homemade wine from autumn olive fruit.

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Autumn Olive Blue Eye Root walking Cane
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Check out the point on this hickory stick walking cane.

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