51 inch Irish oak shillelagh
51 inch Irish
Oak Shillelagh
Shillelagh oak club

Appalachian wooden canes

oak shillelagh walking stick

40 Inch Irish
Oak Shillelagh 

Shillelagh photo 


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  PHOTOS OF Canes I have made

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New Shillelaghs walking canes and staff's I am working on now !


Pelican Oak Cane

Page1   A Hickory Root Cane

page2 This Hickory Root Cane with  Great  Grain in The Handle up close !!

See the real point!
Check out the point on this hickory stick walking cane.

a page I made up for my fun walking sticks

page3   A nice cane I just made from Native Hickory it Looks Good

page4 A nice RED cedar root cane lots of nice red color will take a bit of time to load  the 5 photos.

Walnut walking staff   10 photos of A Black walnut hiking staff

Autumn Olive Blue Eye Root walking Cane
Check it out.

    Shillelagh oak club


53 inch oak root walking staff

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