My Fun Walking Sticks!

This is a little page I made up for my fun walking sticks they are 37 1/2 inches long they are made from oak and beech wood.

I finished them with several coats of a non-toxic oil finish to protect the wood ,I then put a couple of light coats of clear satin polyurethane on it to protect the cane and hand rubbed that in with a soft cotton T-shirt made the grain of the wood stand out .

They make a great little light but strong walking stick to use when you take a walk.

sticks1s.jpg (14484 bytes)These photos view nicely on my cherry board floor we just put down.
sticks2s.jpg (19886 bytes)Just waiting to go for a walk.
sticks3s.jpg (29669 bytes)A close-up to show the grain of the sticks first 2 from the left are Oak next one is from Beech wood it is a nice wood to work with the last one on the right is
also oak.
sticks4s.jpg (25520 bytes)A shot of my new cherry board floor in the front room not all done with it yet
sticks5s.jpg (24178 bytes)The Hickory rocker works quite well..............

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