Hickory Canes

Here are a few views of the canes that are made from Hickory. You may click each image that will take you to a page that will show a larger version of each image. These are images of the canes, the lighter colored canes are made from the root of hickory.

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Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler !!
Let The Good Times Roll

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Handcrafted Canes
Shillelagh oak club
Autumn Olive Blue Eye Root walking Cane
Walnut walking staff 
Pelican Oak Cane
Blue Autumn Olive Blue Eye Root walking Cane
This would look good in your hand !! more photos of this cane.

A page I made up for my fun walking sticks

Oak Canes
Shillelagh Oak Club
Pelican Oak Cane

Autumn Blue Eye

Hickory Canes
Hickory Root Cane with  Great  Grain in The Handle up close!!
A nice cane I just made from Native Hickory it Looks Good!
See the real point!
Check out the point on this hickory stick walking cane.

Red Cedar
A nice RED cedar root cane lots of nice red color!

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