A handcrafted Pelican oak root walking cane

Here are a few photos of an 37 inch oak root walking cane I just made,  the head of the cane looks like a Pelican to me.

I finished it with many coats of tung oil finish to protect it, then hand sanded each coat of oil with a finer grit of sandpaper the last was done with 1500 GRIT carbide sandpaper to protect the cane and seal the wood, then I hand rubbed  2 coats of paste wax on with a soft cotton T-shirt that makes the grain of the wood stand out like glass I think.

I have Multiple Sclerosis, A lot of  MS sufferers rely on walking canes to help with their difficulties with walking, balance, and coordination but I also Enjoy the unique quality feel in my hand of a custom handmade cane, staff or strolling stick for my daily walk around the block in town or hiking down the country lane by the pond near my home.


 p1.JPG (10569 bytes)
p3.JPG (19437 bytes)p7.JPG (14715 bytes)on my new sealed cherry wood floor

A strong walking cane or stick Can act as unique legal protection weapon for any citizens self defense when a quick hard straight jab is used against an attacking man or beast to change any  plan they may have had in  mind.


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p54s.jpg (19437 bytes) 

Be sure your cane is the correct length for you, The ideal length for a cane can be found by measuring the distance from your wrist crease to the ground when standing erect with your arms hanging loosely at your sides in shoes you are going to be wearing when walking, also be sure your cane has a comfortable handle to grip in the palm of your hand and with a good rubber tip on the end for gripping the ground to keep from falling when you lean on it.


Take a look at one just finished
37 inch Red Oak Root Ugly stick cane




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pelican oak root walking cane

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