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My Red Cedar Root Cane 

This hand crafted Red Cedar cane is 36 inches long with a wonderful natural deep dark red and white spotted finish like an African Giraffe, I finished it with many many coats of a non-toxic oil finish to protect it, then hand sanded each coat of oil with a finer grit of sandpaper the last was done with 1500 GRIT carbide sandpaper to protect the cane and seal the wood, then I hand rubbed that in with a soft cotton T-shirt that made the grain of the wood stand out like glass I think.

A Red Cedar root cane, This would look good in your hand !!

Red Cedar root cane very nice grain and color !!

Click the box to see a dark Red Cedar root cane I made up
close !!

side shot of a Red Cedar root cane looks like a large spotted
African Giraffe with the red and white spots on it!!
giraffe.jpg (12414 bytes)

As baby boomers becoming senior citizens there is nothing like a good piece of rustic hickory famous for its strength, to gently help assisted walking mobility leg-support for arthritis, physical therapy, disability and as your third leg. There may be times you will need the assistance of a cane for balance no matter how old or young you are then the simple walking cane or stick is

Be sure your cane is the correct length for you, The ideal length for a cane can be found by measuring the distance from your wrist crease to the ground when standing erect with your arms hanging loosely at your sides in shoes you are going to be wearing when walking, also be sure your cane has a comfortable
handle to grip in the palm of your hand and with a good rubber tip on the end for gripping the ground to keep from falling when you lean on it.

Many people have been hurt by using canes that were not of the correct length for them.


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This would look good in your hand !! more photos of this cane.

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