Caneman2 Hand-Crafted self-defense Irish Shillelaghs and Shepherds Crooks

Beannachtam na Femle Padraig
 "Happy St. Patrick's Day!"

A shillelagh is a Irish wooden walking stick or club made from oak in olden times
most are made from blackthorn today due to the shortage of oak in Ireland

The Shillelagh was not the little short blackthorn stick that is sold today to the  swarm of Irish tourists!
But is a large heavy cudgel or oak Bata club is over 3 feet in height

Here a few photos of a 47 inch Shillelagh (oak club) that I made

This shillelagh is sold

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3 Shillelaghs (oak club's) that I  just finished.
  all sold

Irish Oak Bata SHILLELAGH 51 inches tall
 Irish Oak Bata SHILLELAGH 51 inches tall Irish Oak Bata SHILLELAGH 51 inches tall
Hand Rubbed Tung Oil Finish



40 Inch Irish Oak Shillelagh


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